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A tailored strategy to different projects with our team extension models with access to + 600 specialised IT experts working with the latest technologies.

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Tech Nearshore Our Technologies

Native, hybrid and mobile appsWeb & Mobile Development

Work with the most diverse technologies and we design your project to be taylor-made, ensuring customized development of native and hybrid web and mobile applications of enterprise level.

Tech adoptionDevops and Automation

Methodology that gives a direct answer to the biggest challenges in the implementation of digital applications or solutions: time to market, short development cycle, quality improvement, cost optimization and technology adoption.

UX-UIOptimized software development for UX/UI

Focus on the consumer journey and analyze data, market research, test ideas and use different and innovative methodologies that enhance the development of software focused on the optimization of intuitive user experiences.

Modernization strategyInfrastructure & APP Modernization

Analyze the resources of the client’s infrastructure and its level of maturity so that the company can get the most out of the cloud, focusing on cost optimization, scalability and performance improvement, while applying a modernization strategy.

Single, hybrid or multi-cloudCloud Adoption

Through our Cloud Adoption service, we design and monitor each step of the client’s journey to the cloud, taking into account his business objectives and level of cloud maturity, while guaranteeing a 24/7 management of his infrastructures – single, hybrid or multi-cloud.

Smart DataData & Analytics

Design and implement data governance and data quality solutions, build data platforms that facilitate access to them more and more quickly and finally deliver smart data, based on analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, that ensure a sustained decision making process.

Why extending Teams is the best cost-effective option?

What makes it such a good investment for companies.

  • Operation Efficiency
    Efficient and collaborative work environments among remote and distributed teams.
  • More influence and control
    When your Nearshore partner is nearby, it’s easier to communicate effectively and to work in real-time.
  • Reduced Travel Costs
    Closer geographic proximity means your team will spend less time in the air and more time collaborating in person.
  • More Influence and Control
    When your Nearshore partner is nearby, it’s easier to communicate effectively and to work in real-time.
  • Effective Communication
    With Nearshore strategy you avoid the long-distance drawbacks of offshoring, while enjoying most of the onshoring perks.
  • Development methodologies
    Invested in software development methodologies like Agile and Scrum.

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