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Overcome Challenges Through a global Nearshore Strategy

Challenges for a global Nearshore Strategy

Our client is a multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories.

It has as major goal the duplication of its revenue up to 2020 and one of the strategies to achieve it is the investment in digitizing tools and creating B2B and B2C digital experiences.

Faced with the challenge in recruiting and retaining locally qualified professionals, our client opted for a Nearshore strategy, posing us the challenge of constituting a team able to review the organizational and technological setup of its CRM and respond to a rigorous pipeline of projects in several areas: Web, analytics, marketing and mobile.


We constituted a team exclusively focused on the digital transformation process of the client, which continues to grow monthly to cope with the volume of projects.

The implementation began with a thorough knowledge of the client’s organizational and technological reality, in collaboration with its IT department. Over the years, we have developed several projects in two different areas:

The team working with the client implemented a fully Agile methodology, and at the same time participated in the definition and implementation of best practices in different areas, such as technological ownership, Business strategy, Business Analysis and Quality Assurance.


Where we contributed to the development of solutions of profound digitalization and automation process solutions. An example of this was the development of a digital platform that allows the stock management, orders and phased deliveries, facilitating the communication with all retailers. In the B2B nowadays we are focus on the QA and Analytics side of the product.


In the B2C is where we have the greater involvement, working with different teams such as Membership/loyalty, customer engagement and acquisition, Mobile, analytics, traffic generation and personalization. One of the solutions we develop concerns the Membership Program and intends to affiliate customers through personalization, based on the interests of the consumer, in any part of the world.


The implemented Nearshore strategy has actively contributed to our client becoming a leading [platform] company. The solutions integrated into the process of digital transformation of the client and developed by our team enable:

Increase of engagement of the customer: new platforms and functionalities, personalization and focus on user experience;
Performance Effectiveness: automation and digitization process, increasing quality and reducing available time and resources;
Technical know-how: strong background in terms of governance models and application of good practices, to ramp-up the client’s team members in each area.