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Acting with technological expertise with a Nearshore Model

The agency We are you is a dutch digital agency founded in 2017.

They have in-house expertise on strategy, online marketing, customer journeys, design, development and managed hosting, resorting to platforms like Sitecore, Outsystems, Umbraco, Xamarim and Drupal.

We are you is currently spread out across several cities in Holland, and other countries like Bulgaria or Australia, having several accounts with some high-profile clients.

BOLD part of Devoteam assembled a Nearshore team, based in Portugal, with the necessary skills to fulfil the first project proposed by We are you.

After a solid and comprehensive onboarding process, the team started the project that consisted in developing the myWebcycle platform: a platform that aims at optimizing the logistic process of collecting electrical waste appliances and energy-efficient light bulbs, and improving communication between supply chain partners.

The development was done in .NET, and the content was reviewed with the partner Sitecore. Additionally to the migration and integration of the existing systems onto the new platform, the team developed new functionalities in the backoffice, such as:

  • user and company management;
  • automatic jobs for the waste collectors;
  • metrics extraction, among others.

The client was then able to get a higher and better control of the platform.

Initially, the communication was done between We are you and Wecycle, however, and building on the positive results of the project, the team earned the client’s trust and, nowadays, is completely autonomous in reaching the final client.

After delivering this project, the feedback was really positive, triggering the start of new projects, also marked by the extremely close and trusting relationship that was established between our team and We are you.

  • Higher efficiency in the kick-off and implementation of new projects;
  • Higher responsiveness capacity and technological skills;
  • Expansion Process: higher competitiveness in the market;
  • Delivery of projects in a short time period.