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Scale Your Business with Remote Teams

A nearshore partner can boost your company’s projects with a skilled talented professionals. At BOLD part of Devoteam, we develop a process to chose the best team experience for your project.

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Matching our talent with your Business Needs

Our talent spotter team is totally focused on finding the best talents for your business and ensuring that the combination of technical and soft skills results in the best fit for your project.

With over 10 years of experience, we use the best research tools available to find the professionals your business needs, in the shortest time.

It is with this vision that we live a “People First” culture, where we ensure that all our employees feel and embody our values ​​- Passion, Courage and Authenticity.

With over 2000m2, our offices reflect Devoteam Portugal identity and culture. All spaces were designed to give the best conditions to our employees and receive our customers and partners in the best way.

Our process model How it works

Identify the needs and client business

We begin by identifying the needs and the context of the client, so we can analyse the necessary profiles. Before moving on to the recruitment process, we develop a specific training plan, as well as an onboarding and integration plan with the client.

Match talented professionals

Throughout the project development period, we monitor and manage performance closely, both for the team and the project. Finally, we create and deliver an innovative technological solution that responds to the Client’s challenges!

Our Guarantees to delivery the best solution

From recruiting and creating a team quickly and efficiently, to the ability to adapt to project management methodologies that ensure continuous and regular communication with your team and with the commitments of SLA’s and KPI’s of the project defined by you.

Agility in the process at all time

Our teams are also available to travel and spend an initial period in your offices and we guarantee low team turnover and talent retention.

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