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Our Nearshore Centre can transform your business, using the most diverse technologies.

We create teams and provide solutions to our international customers through our Nearshore Technology Centre. This specialized Nearshore solution is broadly flexible, which lets us become an extension of the customer’s team or create a team from scratch, tailored to the customer’s needs. Flexibility is our focus.

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Our Nearshore Around the world


years of nearshore experience


highly skilled professionals in the IT area


clients across the world



Our experience A ideal business partner to accelerate thought innovation

Our teams ensure the digital transformation of your business. We favor a close relationship, shorten distances and break barriers. We help your organization prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

ExperienceOver 9 years of nearshore experience

We have a high technological know-how and are able to apply the most appropriate Agile project management methodologies. The key to all projects is to ensure continuous communication, proximity and collaboration.

ExpertsOur professionals are our true added value

We have over 600 employees in the IT area, who have gone through a careful recruitment process, with access to specialized and continuous training.

LocationWe deliver optimized and quality solution

We have project management procedures and methodologies that allow us to ensure an optimized quality – price ratio.

SecurityOur commitment lies with security and confidentiality of your data

Our projects have well-defined security protocols that ensure the complete security of your data.

Create a successful team to accelerate your project

We have teams that, through their technological background and their experience in nearshore projects, participate in the implementation of best practices in different areas, such as:

  • Team configuration
  • Governance models
  • Strategy
  • Business analysis
  • Quality assurance
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