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Our services. We create teams and provide solutions through our Nearshore Portugal Technology Centre

Innovative, international and technological, this is how we describe our Nearshore Centre, made up of teams that can transform your business, using the most diverse technologies.

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Scale teams through our Nearshore Technology Centre

Our Nearshore Technology Centre is made up of teams that can transform your business, using the most diverse technologies.

With an internal pool of +600 experts and a strong experience in recruiting and retain the best talents, we are the best partner to help you implement a Nearshore Strategy.

Our specialised Nearshore solution is inherently flexible, and can be tailored to different team extension models:

  • Augment the customer’s existing team;
  • Create a new segregated team from scratch;
  • Adopt a hybrid solution, depending on the client’s needs.


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Our nearshore services

Accelerate in innovation with agility

Our teams ensure the digital transformation of your business.

Extend teams and solutions

Efficient and collaborative work with flexibility to scale up your needs.

Our tech leaders partners

We’re always in the tech future with the most continuous technologies.

Why do our clients choose us?


Over 9 years of Nearshore Software Outsourcing experience


Access to +600 specialised IT experts working with the latest technologies


A privileged location: we are in Lisbon.


Our commitment lies with the security and confidentiality of your data.

Agility & Flexibility

High technological know-how, applied with agile management methodologies and adapted to your needs.

Get to know our tech partners

We help your organisation prepare for the challenges of tomorrow with our Cutting Edge Tech Partners

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Success stories. Your business can lead a digital transformation. Just like these.

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